Four Genocidal Lies Spread by the Palestinian Terrorists and Their Campus Allies

The claim that Israel occupies Palestinian land is a lie:

Israel was created on land ceded by the Turks after their defeat in World War I. The Turks are not “Palestinians” and are not even Arabs. The Jews did not “occupy" even the Turkish land.[1] The U.N. created Israel on land that was also used by the victorious powers in WWI to create the modern boundaries of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan.[2]  It was land that had belonged to the former Ottoman Empire for 400 years until their defeat in World War I. Native Americans have a more recent claim on the United States than the Arabs have on the land around the Jordan on which Israel was created. 

The claim that Israel is an apartheid state is a lie:

There are over a million Palestinians who are Israeli citizens[3] who enjoy more rights than the Palestinians who live in Gaza and the West Bank.[4] Every measure taken to separate Palestinians from Israelis is dictated by the fact that for 67 years, since 1948, the Arabs have waged an unprovoked terror war against Israel’s Jews.[5]

The claim that Palestinians want a state for themselves is a lie:

Beginning in 1948, when they were first offered a state of their own, and again in 2000 and 2008, the Palestinians have rejected these offers in favor of a terrorist war.[6] What the terrorist governments of the West Bank and Gaza want – and clearly state as their goal – is the destruction of the Jewish state and an ethnic cleansing of the Jews from the Middle East.[7]

The claim that Palestinians are victims of Israel is a lie.

Every injury suffered by Palestinians is a direct result of the 67-year war of aggression against the Jews, and the collective decisions of the Palestinians to elect terrorist regimes in the West Bank and Gaza.[8]