Oberlin Prof's Bizarre Anti-Semitic Rants A-OK, Says College

Oberlin College has refused to take any action against Joy Karega, a junior professor at the college whose extreme anti-Semitic comments and conspiratorial rantings implicating Israel and the Jews in recent Islamic terrorist attacks, the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight 17, and even the spread of the AIDS virus, have increased fears among Jewish students at the Ohio liberal arts college.

As The Tower reports, mere days after ISIS terrorists attacked French satire magazineCharlie Hebdo last year, Karega posted a graphic to her Facebook page which strongly implied that the attack was a “false flag” set up by Israel in order to weaken French support for Palestine. The graphic depicts a member of ISIS, adorned with a Star of David tattoo and the acronym JSIL shedding a mask of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  The graphic’s caption reads, “France Wants to Free Palestine? Time For a False Flag…” Karega added her own commentary: “This ain’t even hard. They unleashed Mossad on France and it’s clear why.” 

In another controversial post, Karega shared a video of notorious anti-Semite and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan stating his belief that Jews were behind the 9/11 attacks:

They say that the World Trade Center building were brought down by carefully placed explosives, not by planes. They say that all three buildings had to have been wired with explosive charges long before September the 11th and this is something that took tremendous sophistication to do, and that sophistication was not with Osama bin Laden or his followers. Listen. But if it was not Muslims then who? Thanks to the exemplary work of scholars like Victor Thorn and Christopher Bollyn it is now becoming apparent that there were many Israeli and Zionist Jews in key roles in the 9/11 attack.

 Karega commented, “Farrakhan is truth-telling in this video.”

Amazingly, Karega even denies that ISIS is Islamic, stating in a November 17, 2015 Facebook post that was captured in screenshot by The Tower:

It’s troubling that in this day and age, where there is all this access to information, most of the general public doesn’t know who and what ISIS really is. I promise you, ISIS is not a jihadist, Islamic terrorist organization. It’s a CIA and Mossad operation, and there’s too much information out here for the general public not to know this.

In several other posts, Karega claimed that Jews are in control of world affairs and even the United States government.

She posted a photo of Jewish banker Jacob Rothschild overlaid with text stating: “My name is Jacob Rothschild. My family is worth $500 trillion dollars. We own nearly every central bank in the world. We own your news, the media, your oil and your government. You have probably never heard of me.”

In another post, Karega further tars the Rothschild family, quoting an article accusing them of “whacking” scientists which interfere with their “depopulation agenda—of which AIDS is a key component” and accusing Israel of shooting down Malaysia Airlines flight 17 over Ukraine.

Even progressives are not safe from Karenga’s rantings. When the Obama administration set aside $12 million for assistance to Holocaust survivors, Karega commented:

One of these days some of My Peoples gonna learn who ALL American presidents work for and why they are chosen and placed in office.

Nor do Karega’s bizarre theories appear to be confined to her Facebook feed. As The Tower reports, her fall syllabus for “Writings for Social Justice” includes a number of questionable works, including "Cowardly, Hypocritical, Subservient Congressional Black Caucus Endorses Israeli Apartheid and Current War Crimes in Gaza" and "How Today's Liberal Zionists Echo Apartheid South Africa's Defenders."

In spite of her horrific and bizarre comments, and her apparently slanted classroom instruction, Oberlin College appears not to take issue with Karega’s views, even though they are likely to have an impact on the experiences of Jewish students under her tutelage.

Oberlin spokesperson Scott Wargo issued the following terse statement in response to the concerns of Jewish community leaders and Oberlin students and alumni:

Oberlin College respects the rights of its faculty, students, staff, and alumni to express their personal views. Acknowledgement of this right does not signal institutional support for, or endorsement of, any specific position. The statements posted on social media by Dr. Joy Karega, assistant professor of rhetoric and composition, are hers alone and do not represent the views of Oberlin College.

Apparently the students suffering under Karega’s anti-Semitic and delusional instruction do not deserve the same protections.