The 'Unholy Alliance' Comes to Campus

Conservative author David Horowitz has long written about the “Unholy Alliance” that exists between Islamic extremists and the American Left. Now, a new series of photographs of campus propaganda posters reveals how this unholy alliance plays out on American campuses where students are incited to join the Islamic war against the Jews of Israel with appeals to their sense of “social justice” and desire to address historic wrongs such as racism, colonialism and the mistreatment of women.

Many naïve Jewish students are seduced into joining these anti-Israel coalitions out of a desire to help the oppressed but find themselves ensnared in a Hamas-directed campaign to commit genocide against the Jews themselves.

Campus leaders of the Hamas campaign are two groups: Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), as well as its less outwardly political counterpart, the Muslim Students Association (MSA). Both were created by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose spiritual leader Yousef al-Qaradawi has called on Muslims to finish the job that Hitler started. The Brotherhood is godfather to the anti-Israel terror group Hamas, whose charter calls for the extermination of the Jews. SJP and MSA conduct annual anti-Israel hate-fests known as “Israeli Apartheid Weeks” during which they erect mock “apartheid walls” plastered with Hamas propaganda, including claims that Israel is an “apartheid” state which seeks to shed the blood of Palestinian children. A near-omnipresent image on these walls is a series of four false and genocidal maps purporting to show the Jewish infiltration and colonization of the Arab nation of “Palestine” from 1947 to the present. 

The Jewish nation of Israel stands alone as a beacon of human rights and liberal democracy in the otherwise repressive and autocratic Middle East. There are over one million Arab citizens of Israel who enjoy the same rights and privileges as do Israel’s Jews, including the right to vote in elections, sit on Israeli courts, be represented in the Israeli legislature and hold tenured jobs in Israel’s esteemed universities. Unlike many Arab nations where they are treated as second class citizens, women in Israel are granted equal rights with men. And homosexuals—who face certain death in most Arab nations if their orientation becomes known—are also protected under Israeli law.

But most students are unaware of these basic facts. Once they arrive on campus they are deluged with anti-Israel and anti-Jewish propaganda naming Israel an “apartheid state” on a par with apartheid-era South Africa that oppresses the unfortunate Palestinian refugees who, campus activists claim, have been unfairly victimized because they are not Jews. No mention is made of the 67-year-long war of aggression by the Arab states and terror organizations like Hamas against Israel or the multiple offers of statehood made by Israel to the Palestinians which were firmly rejected by their leaders. 

But these brazen propaganda tactics are only one manifestation of SJP’s propaganda.  Campus anti-Semites also make use of softer, more subtle images and slogans that paint the Israel-Palestinian conflict as a human rights struggle in which Israel is the aggressor and the Palestinians are its hapless victims. The images below depict recent propaganda posters distributed on campus by Students for Justice in Palestine and other anti-Israel groups at UCLA as part of a “UCLA Divest” coalition. The agents of Hamas are also behind this “Boycott, Divest and Sanction” movement (BDS), which seeks to strangle the Jewish state and make it defenseless against its genocidal enemies.

It is obvious that the Hamas-inspired posters have been branded to appeal to left-wing sensibilities. Many use a rainbow backdrop associated with diversity and gay rights. One poster depicts a young woman with an Israeli Star of David earring, to show that she is Jewish, with the statement “I refuse to occupy” written on her cheek. Another poster links the anti-Zionism movement to the anti-racism movement in America by depicting student protestors marching with a large banner proclaiming “From Palestine to Ferguson, End Racism Now.”

Some of the posters attempt to personalize the anti-Israel movement, featuring photos of individual students with whiteboards that state their reasons for standing against Israel. “Because no one wants to make money off of human rights violations,” reads one sign. “Because my queer Jewish identity is beautiful and [does not equal sign] support for occupation,” states another. The positive portrayal of sexual diversity in an anti-Israel campaign is especially ironic given the Islamic world’s near-universal condemnation of homosexuality, which is frequently punished by death, and Israel’s democratic inclusion of gays in the only society in the Middle East that respects human rights.

These #UCLADivest posters illustrate how the anti-Israel movement works to ensnare progressive students with lies and manipulates them to join forces with Hamas sympathizers and Jew-haters. These propaganda tactics make clear that in order to win the campus war against Israel, our first task must be to subvert the Hamas-inspired lies promoted by its campus agents in SJP and MSA which make it appear that in fighting Israel, students are waging a humanitarian campaign. The opposite is the truth.

The Freedom Center has launched a Stop the Jew Hatred on Campus campaign to counter the four primary lies about the Jewish state spread by the terrorists and their campus allies. These lies include the claims that Israel occupies Palestinian land, that Israel is an apartheid state, and that Palestinians are victims of the Jews, when in fact they are victims of their own fanatical, terrorist leaders. These lies and rebuttals to them may be found on the campaign website,

It is only by eliminating the influence and persuasive power that these lies exert on the campus culture that we can defeat Jew hatred on campus.